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Prostitution, Massage, and Obscenity Offenses
Every once in awhile, law enforcement will conduct stings to enforce prostitution, unlicensed massage, and obscenity laws.  Whether you or a loved one was caught up in one of these stings, or otherwise has been accused or arrested on a prostitution, unlicensed massage, or obscenity offense, give the experienced criminal defense attorney at LGL a call today to discuss the case and what we can do for you.

What evidence will the State usually have in a prostitution case?

Prostitution cases typically involve "stings" performed by law enforcement.  Every so often, the sheriff's office will set up a sting where a female law enforcement officer poses as a prostitute or a john and they arrest anyone who falls in their net.  Typically, they will audio record the conversation.  Because they are casting a wide net and arresting a large number of people, they don't typically spend too much time on the investigation and evidence collection of any one case or defendant.  So, when the case gets to court, the officers don't remember you from any other person that was arrested that night.  Therefore, they typically have to rely on the information in their report and the audio recording.  We have found that these reports are often lacking in detail.  The recordings are often of poor quality and do not always support the officers allegation that a crime occurred.  

Because law enforcement is assuming that most people will simply plead guilty and not fight the charges against them, those that do defend against the charges often have a viable defense.  Call our experienced criminal defense attorneys to discuss your case, the possible defenses, and how we can help you with your case.  

What if I'm not a United States Citizen and I'm charged with prostitution, unlicensed massage or some other obscenity offense? Could I be deported?

If you are not a United States citizen and you are charged with any crime, call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.  Preferably, call a criminal defense attorney who has experience in immigration law.  Here at LASNETSKI GIHON LAW, our criminal defense attorney has experience defending non-citizen clients in both criminal court and deportation court.  We understand how a criminal charge can affect your immigration status.  Prostitution related offenses can lead to deportation.  It is extremely important that you do not plead guilty or no contest to a prostitution related offense, or any other offense, without consulting both a criminal defense attorney and an immigration attorney, or preferably an attorney who practices both criminal defense and immigration.  

Many of the prostitution related offenses are defensible.  Law enforcement officers often conduct a limited investigation without obtaining crucial evidence.  Our experience has been that many of the recordings used by law enforcement have been of inferior quality or fail to include the incriminating evidence that they allege in the police report.  

These cases often may be eligible for a pretrial diversion program, which would protect you for immigration purposes.  They may also be susceptible to a motion to dismiss or a motion to suppress.  A prosecutor may agree with the criminal defense attorney's view of the case and decide to drop the charges.  All of these are possible dispositions in any criminal case.  So, never plead guilty to a criminal charge without speaking to both a criminal defense attorney and an immigration attorney.  

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