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One bad decision induced by alcohol, drugs, or emotions can affect the rest of your life.  There may be several options available for you if you've been charged with an alcohol or disorderly related offense to avoid conviction, jail, probation, fines and other consequences.  Give us a call to discuss your alcohol or disorderly related offense. 


Whether you have been charged with Disorderly Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace, Selling or Giving Alcohol to a Minor, Loitering or Prowling, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, or some other alcohol or disorderly related offense, the Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer at LGL can help.

What can I do if I was arrested for an alcohol related offense and I have no prior record?

Many people who are charged with an alcohol related offense will be eligible to enter a pretrial diversion program.  If you qualify, you would complete certain conditions, which could include community service, fines, classes, etc. If you successfully complete a pretrial diversion program, the State would drop the charges and you would be able to seek to have your record expunged.  Even if you are not accepted into a pretrial diversion program, you may be eligible to obtain a withhold of adjudication and have your record sealed.  Only the State Attorney’s Office can divert your case to a pretrial diversion program.  Contact us today to discuss your case and whether you may be eligible for pretrial diversion program and how we can help. 

Do I really need a lawyer for an alcohol related offense?

That depends.  Hiring an attorney is an investment.  Attorneys perform many different important functions.  They can persistently communicate with the State Attorney’s Office to seek diversion or a good deal in your case.  They can take a lot of stress and uncertainty away from you by explaining the process, how it works, what to expect and what you should and should not do.  They can explain not only the consequences in criminal court, but also collateral consequences that you may not have been aware of including, consequences to your driver’s license, employment, business licenses, immigration status, and more.  They also may be able to appear at court on your behalf without you being required to be there, so you don’t have to miss work each time your case is on the court’s calendar, which can typically be as often as once every two weeks.

What if I was charged with an alcohol related offense and I don’t live in Jacksonville?

If you have been charged with an alcohol related offense and you don’t live in Jacksonville or the State of Florida, you may not have to come back to Jacksonville to handle your case.  Some judges allow pleas in absentia and sometimes the State Attorney’s Office will accept a person into a pretrial diversion program and allow them to complete the terms of pretrial diversion outside the State of Florida.  If you have been charged with an alcohol related offense in Jacksonville, but you live out of State or outside of Jacksonville, give us a call to discuss your case and what we can do for you. 

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