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We Help Criminal Defense Attorneys And Their Clients With The Immigration Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

The Supreme Court has held in Padilla v. Kentucky that criminal defense attorneys have an affirmative duty to properly advise their clients about the immigration consequences of a criminal plea.  The problem is that most criminal defense attorneys don't practice immigration law.  But we do.  Protect yourself from future 3.850 ineffective assistance of counsel claims by retaining the immigration attorneys of Lasnetski Gihon to provide immigration advice to you and your clients.  We focus our practice on how certain Florida criminal convictions will affect a person's immigration status.  

Criminal convictions, including withholds of adjudication, can result in the inadmissibility, deportability, ineligibility to naturalize, and other other negative consequences for non-United States citizens.  No matter how long a person has been in the US, whether they have a green card or not, and no matter how minor the criminal charge and sentence, there may be significant consequences for the person's immigration status.  

LGL, (LASNETSKI GIHON LAW), has developed an all inclusive, comprehensive Immigration Consequences of Florida Criminal Convictions Database, which provides the immigration consequences for each and every criminal statutes in the state of Florida.  We continuously maintain and monitor updates in case law to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.  We have broad experience practicing in both criminal courtrooms and immigration courtrooms.  We have been retained by many clients, through their criminal defense attorney, to advise both the client and the criminal defense attorney regarding how a criminal conviction will affect the client's immigration status.  

We will be available to you, the criminal defense attorney, and to the client throughout the criminal process to discuss and advise you on:
  1. How a plea to the charged offense will affect the client's immigration situation.
  2. Whether there are viable alternative statutes that are more immigration friendly.
  3. How to fashion the plea, plea colloquy, and entire record of conviction to ensure an immigration friendly record of conviction.
  4. How an ICE detainer works and whether there is any way around it. 
  5. And more.

If your client has a pending criminal case or a prior criminal conviction, and you'd like to know what the potential immigration consequences are, we can provide you, or your client, with three options based on their needs. 

Ongoing Crimmigration Consultation: $900

We will provide ongoing consultation to both the client and the criminal defense attorney regarding the immigration consequences of the criminal plea.  We will also look at the client's immigration case and develop a plan for their immigration case, once the criminal case is concluded.  In addition to the ongoing consultation, this fee includes an immigration consultation ($100 value).

Detailed Immigration Consequences Advisory Letter: $750

We will obtain specific information related to your client's case, review the factual information (Information, Arrest & Booking Report, Record of Conviction), research the legal issues based on the factual information, and draft a comprehensive letter advising you on 1) whether the conviction makes your client deportable, 2) whether the conviction makes your client inadmissible, 3) whether the conviction will prevent your client from becoming a United States Citizen, and 4) alternative plea options for you to explore in the criminal case.

Simple Immigration Consequences Answer Form: $150

Upon submitting the specific statute of conviction, we will provide you with a concise answer on the immigration consequences resulting from a conviction under that statute.  This answer form will be a general answer relating to the statute of conviction and not an advisory letter relating to the specific facts of the case.    

If you have any questions about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.  
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