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Here at LASNETSKI GIHON LAW, we believe in helping from the day you hire us until the day you receive your immigration benefit.  That includes representation before, during, and after your USCIS interview.  When you retain us, we will walk you through the entire interview process, including an interview preparation meeting within the week before your interview and our attorneys will go with you to the interview.  

USCIS requires interviews on many different types of immigration cases.  Some of the common interviews we appear on include adjustment of status applications, petitions to remove the conditions of residency, naturalization, and more.  We've learned that USCIS interviews causes the greatest amount of stress for our clients.  That is why we take great strides to make sure we educate our clients on the process and are there every step of the way.  

In marriage based cases, the adjudicator is going to ask each person questions about the relationship and the marriage to make sure it is a bona fide marriage.  In naturalization cases, the adjudicator is going to make sure you have a basic understanding of English and will administer the civics and English tests.  In all cases, the adjudicator will confirm information that was submitted with the packet and may ask for additional evidence or information.  The adjudicator may also confront you with information they have learned through their internal systems.  For example, they may information that you were arrested and you didn't disclose the arrest or that you made a conflicting statement on an application for a visitor visa.  

During a USCIS interview, the USCIS adjudicator is collecting information to determine whether the person is eligible for the immigration benefit.  Some interviewers are friendly and some aren't.  They sometimes ask appropriate questions and sometimes ask inappropriate questions.  The wording of the questions can sometimes be confusing and can lead to responses that don't correctly address the question.  For most people facing these interviews, English is a second language and there can be issues with language or culture barriers.  But in most cases, as long as you've been truthful and are eligible for the benefit, the interviews will go smoothly.

The main thing to understand when going into a USCIS interview is to be prepared.  Hopefully, you've submitted a substantial amount of evidence.  In many cases, you will need to bring updated evidence from the date the packet was filed to the date of the interview.  You should have a pretty good grasp on relevant dates and events.  You should listen carefully to the question asked and answer that question.  You should ask the adjudicator to clarify a question if you do not understand.  And finally, you should know what the requirements are for the immigration benefit you are seeking so you can understand why the adjudicator is asking you certain questions and why and how you should answer those questions.  
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