Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs

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Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs

More and more, people are getting addicted to prescription medications.  Oftentimes, they start out being prescribed the medications to help them deal with unbearable pain, only to get addicted and needing more than a doctor will prescribe.  If you've been charged with Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs, give the experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys of SLG Law a call today to see how we can help.
What is Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs?

Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs is defined in Florida Statute Section 893.13(7)(a)(9).  The State must prove the following elements:
  • You acquired or obtained, or attempted to acquire or obtain possession of a certain substance, and
  • The substance was actually the substance alleged, and
  • You acquired or obtained or attempted to acquire or obtain the substance by:
    • misrepresentation, or
    • fraud, or
    • forgery, or
    • deception, or
    • subterfuge.

What is the potential sentence for Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs?

Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs is a third degree felony, punishable by up to 5 year in prison.

What are the possible defenses to Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs?

Some of the more common defenses are that you have a valid prescription, that you did not know the illicit nature of the substance, you did not use fraud, misrepresentation, forgery, deception or subterfuge, and others.  Each case is unique.  There may also be pretrial diversion or drug treatment options available through negotiation with the State.  Give us a call to discuss your particular case.  
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Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs,

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