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When the government accuses a person of being in the United States unlawfully, or accuses a person of being "inadmissible" or "removable," removal proceedings will be initiated by an arrest or an NTA (Notice to Appear).  The Notice to Appear will have a court date or a court date will later be mailed to the person.  It is extremely important to appear at that court date.  Failure to appear will result in an order of removal in abstentia, or without your presence.  This means that any defenses to removal that would have been available may no longer be available. 

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& Gihon handles Removal Hearings in the Orlando Immigration Court.  We have an office led by Former Immigration Prosecutor John Gihon conveniently located near the Orlando Immigration Court.  Mr. Gihon has spent years handling hundreds of deportation cases in Orlando. We represent clients that are not in custody as well as those that are in custody, including those detained in Baker County.  Our Jacksonville office is located within 1 hour of the Baker County Jail and Immigration Lawyer Jeremy Lasnetski regularly travels to the Baker County Jail to meet with detained clients in removal proceedings. Attorneys Gihon and Lasnetski work closely together to reach our client's immigration goals.  There may be a defense to removal in your, or your loved one's, case.  

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