Jacksonville Deportation Lawyer

Jacksonville Deportation Lawyer Jeremy Lasnetski has represented clients at both the Orlando Immigration Court and at the Baker Detention Facility.  Mr. Lasnetski works closely with SLG partner John Gihon, who is located in our Orlando office and close to the Orlando immigration court.  Both Mr. Lasnetski and Mr. Gihon have represented many clients regarding immigration bond, master calendar hearings, individual merits hearings, cancellation of removal, waivers, adjustment of status, and more. 

Baker County Detention Facility
For detained clients, Jeremy Lasnetski is close to the Baker County Detention Facility and travels to see clients at that facility often.  Detainees in the Baker County Detention Facility will never personally go before an immigration judge.  He or she will only appear via video.  They can feel cut off from the everyone.  It is important to have an attorney close to the detained client.  Shorstein, Lasnetski, & Gihon has you covered. 

Immigration Bonds
We often file Motions for Bond Redetermination and represent clients in immigration court bond hearings.  Whether no bond has been set or the bond is too high, give us a call to discuss whether you or your loved one is bond eligible and what we can do to help.   

Master Calendar Hearings
A Master Calendar hearing is often the first hearing that you or your loved one will have in immigration proceedings, besides an immigration bond hearing.   This can be a critical hearing because the immigration judge will often ask you to plead to the Notice to Appear and could order removal at this hearing.  You should always ask for more time to talk to and retain an immigration lawyer.  An immigration lawyer may be able to fight the deportation and may be able to request forms of relief from deportation.

Individual Hearings 
An Individual Merits hearing is kind of like a trial.  You present evidence.  The government presents evidence.  The immigration judge hears this evidence and decides whether to enter an order of removal in your case or whether to terminate the proceedings or grant a form of relief.  Evidence typically consists of things like witness testimony, country conditions documents, medical records, financial records, and more.  

Forms of Relief
Even if you are deportable, you may be eligible for a form of relief, like cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, a waiver of a criminal conviction or fraud, withholding of removal, asylum, and more.  Most of these forms of removal require an application to be filed with certain documentation.  Call us today for a free consultation to determine whether you or your loved one may be eligible for a form of relief.  

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