Nocatee Personal Injury Attorneys

Nocatee Personal Injury Attorneys
Shorstein, Lasnetski, & Gihon

If you have questions about a personal injury matter, call the local Nocatee personal injury lawyers at Shorstein, Lasnetski, & Gihon.  Jeremy Lasnetski is a resident of Nocatee and has been practicing law for more than 20 years, since 2001.  Paul Shorstein is a resident of Ponte Vedra and has also been practicing law for more than 20 years, since 1997.  SLG Law opened our doors in 2008 and have handled personal injury cases ever since.  Paul Shorstein previously worked at Pajcic & Pajcic personal injury firm.  SLG Law has opened a satellite office in Nocatee to serve the members of our community.  

Nocatee, and St. Johns County as a whole, is a growing, bustling community. Cars, golf carts, bicycles, and scooters all intermingle with runners, joggers, pedestrians, children, and more.  We love our community and the interaction of all of these different modes of transportation and individuals.  Unfortunately, with an increasing population comes increased accidents.  If you or a loved on is injured in an accident, it is important to talk to an attorney to not only learn about your rights, but to learn about the potential pitfalls of dealing with insurance companies.  

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Why do I need to call a personal injury attorney?

When a person is injured in an accident, there are pitfalls that can cause further pain and suffering.  Insurance companies have one goal - to make money.  In order to make money, they have to take in as much money in premiums as possible and payout on claims as little as possible.  However, there are rules that they must follow.  Just like any negotiation, the party who has the most knowledge, has the most leverage.  If the insurance company is dealing with a person who does not have experience with personal injury law, they have the leverage.  With that leverage, they will negotiate from a stronger position, which could cost you a great deal of money.  Personal injury lawyers have experience dealing with insurance companies which allows them to know what is reasonable and what is not reasonable.  Personal injury lawyers know the law and are able to use it to your benefit and to make sure insurance companies don't misuse it.  Personal injury lawyers typically offer free consultations, so it doesn't hurt to speak to one about your case and then to decide whether an attorney is right for you.

How much is a personal injury attorney in Nocatee?

Personal injury law is one area where the fee is almost always the same for every lawyer.  It is one of the few areas of law where attorneys work on a contingency fee basis.  This means that the lawyer pays all the costs of litigation up front and takes the risk of not recovering those losses.   The attorney also is not compensated for all of the time spent on the case until and unless there is a monetary recovery.  If, and when, there is a monetary recovery, the attorney is paid a percentage of that recovery (either a settlement or a award).  The percentage amount is standard throughout Florida and depends on what stage the case is resolved.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case? 

We can help people who have been injured in Nocatee and St. Johns county when there are four things present: First, there must be a duty of care and breach of that duty.  For example, each of us has a duty of care when we are driving a car.  We breach that duty if we violate traffic laws, speed, act recklessly or otherwise engage in negligent conduct.  Second, there must be causation.  The person's breach of duty must have caused the injury.  For example, if you are injured because someone ran a red light and t-boned your car, the breach of duty in running the red light caused the injury.  Third, there must be damages.  You must have actual damages.  We get many calls from people that were injured, but the injuries were slight and didn't result in medical care.  In those cases, the costs of litigation would far exceed the amount that could be recovered.  Most viable personal injury cases involve serious injuries like broken bones, soft tissue injuries requiring treatment, long term disability, and death.  Finally, in order to have a viable personal injury claim, the other party must have assets.  The vast majority of personal injury cases involve an insurance company.  If the other party does not have insurance or if there is no responsible insurance company, there may be a good personal injury claim, but you may not be able to recover any money.  If you get a million dollar verdict against a person who does not have assets, you may never see any actual money.  However, once a settlement is reached or after a verdict is rendered, insurance companies typically pay the amount settled upon or rewarded. 

What should I do if I was injured in Nocatee, St. Johns County? 

If you or a loved one have been injured by someone else's negligence, it is important to speak to a local Nocatee personal injury lawyer right away. You do not want to talk to an insurance company representative before you speak to a lawyer.  Insurance companies record conversations and attempt to lock in a statement about what happened.  The insurance company can then use your own statement against you.  It is also important to go see a doctor right away to assess the extent of the injury.  Injuries, especially soft tissue injuries, are often not evident right away.  People often decide not to go to the doctor.  It is important to get medical treatment right away and to document the injuries.  Call SLG and we will walk you through everything you need to know about the personal injury process in Nocatee.  


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