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Car crashes often result in serious injuries that can alter the course of your life. You may be faced with prolonged medical treatment, expensive medical bills now and into the future and time lost from work which further complicates your life and negatively affects your ability to pay your bills. The insurance company for the other driver will be working quickly and diligently to prepare their case, and it is their job to pay as little on your claim as possible. They may obtain evidence about the accident and your injuries that you may not have equal access to if you do not act quickly to retain a lawyer to start working for you.

Immediately after a crash causing injuries, it is imperative that you contact a lawyer who has experience handling car accident claims and lawsuits so that the insurance company will not have an advantage in investigating and evaluating your case. We are experienced in acquiring all of the facts surrounding the cause of the crash and developing a strong case to present your damages and show the insurance company, or a jury, how your injuries from the crash have seriously impacted your life. We understand when and how to effectively and aggressively negotiate with an insurance company to the right settlement amount in a reasonable period of time. However, some cases cannot be settled, and we are prepared to present your case to a jury when an insurance company is not willing to fairly compensate you for your injuries and the changes you have suffered as a result.

Before you talk to anyone on behalf of the insurance companies or decide to settle for what the insurance company says is reasonable, it is important to contact a lawyer who understands the liability and damages involved in your case and knows how to obtain the right result for you.

What do I need to know if I was in a car accident?

Car accidents happen everyday.  Sometimes with minor consequences and sometimes with catastrophic consequences.  Often, car accident victims don't even realize they are injured until well after the accident when they begin to notice pain that hadn't been there before or limited range of motion in their limbs that has worsened as time has gone by.

If you are in an accident, here are some things to remember:

The insurance company is not your friend.

The insurance company's interests are directly contrary to yours.  They are in the business of obtaining as many insurance premium payments as possible and paying as little as possible on insurance claims.  Everything you say and do after an accident will be used against you by the insurance company to leverage a smaller payout on your insurance claim. 

You must document everything

Documentation is evidence.  Evidence provides you with leverage in negotiating with insurance companies.  Traffic crash reports, medical records, tax returns, and other documentary evidence can be used to substantiate your claim during both negotiations and potential trial.  Make sure to obtain a traffic crash report from law enforcement. 

Go see a doctor

If the accident involved any pain or injury, you must go see a doctor and obtain a professional medical opinion relating to your injuries.  Many accidents involve injuries that aren't known to the patient shortly after the accident.  What may appear to be a minor injury or minor pain may turn out to be significant and long lasting.  Medical records provide your claim of damages with teeth.  The sooner after the accident that you are seen by a doctor, the sharper those teeth will be.

Call a lawyer

This may sound self serving and it is, but you are doing yourself a great disservice if you contact the insurance company without first speaking to a lawyer.  The reason is that the insurance companies have lawyers and they have experience.  Presumably, you are not a lawyer and you have little to no experience with personal injury claims.  A lawyer also has the infrastructure to follow through on filing a lawsuit and proceeding to a jury trial, which is a risky venture for an insurance company. 

Insurance companies take recorded statements when they ask you about the accident.  These statements will later be used against you if there are inconsistencies or inaccuracies.  It is important to be well prepared to give your statement and to know how to answer their questions.  For example, the day of the accident, you may not feel any pain and you may tell the insurance company that you don't have any injuries.  The difference between this answer and the answer, "I'm not sure if I'm injured, I'm going to go see a doctor this afternoon," could make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. 

What if I can't afford a lawyer? 

Personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis.  This means that you don't pay us anything.  We pay all upfront costs and costs of litigation.  Our fee is contingent on the recovery of a settlement or jury verdict.  Give us a call to discuss your case. 

How common are traffic crashes?

In 2015, there were 374,025 traffic crashes in the State of Florida.  Of those crashes, 159,769 involved injuries.  Of those crashes with injuries, 2,675 involved deaths.  Here are some other sobering statistics:
2015 Traffic Crashes
  • Florida
    • Total Crashes - 374,025
    • Crashes with Injuries - 159,769
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 2,675
  • Baker
    • Total Crashes - 368
    • Crashes with Injuries - 178
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 8
  • Clay
    • Total Crashes - 2,814
    • Crashes with Injuries - 1,144
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 26
  • Duval
    • Total Crashes - 22,422
    • Crashes with Injuries - 9,450
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 127
  • Flagler
    • Total Crashes - 1,377
    • Crashes with Injuries - 657
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 11
  • Nassau
    • Total Crashes - 1,012
    • Crashes with Injuries - 446
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 14
  • Orange
    • Total Crashes - 28,121
    • Crashes with Injuries - 12,859
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 134
  • Seminole
    • Total Crashes - 6,747
    • Crashes with Injuries - 3,135
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 38
  • St. Johns
    • Total Crashes - 3,342
    • Crashes with Injuries - 1,415
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 37
  • Volusia
    • Total Crashes - 8,851
    • Crashes with Injuries - 3,929
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 84
2014 Traffic Crashes
  • Florida
    • Total Crashes - 344,336
    • Crashes with Injuries - 149,493
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 2,339
  • Baker
    • Total Crashes - 280
    • Crashes with Injuries - 154
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 2
  • Clay
    • Total Crashes - 2,595
    • Crashes with Injuries - 1,168
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 17
  • Duval
    • Total Crashes - 20,202
    • Crashes with Injuries - 9,054
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 113
  • Flagler
    • Total Crashes - 1,202
    • Crashes with Injuries - 561
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 22
  • Nassau
    • Total Crashes - 884
    • Crashes with Injuries - 400
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 17
  • Orange
    • Total Crashes - 26,429
    • Crashes with Injuries - 12,111
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 129
  • Seminole
    • Total Crashes - 6,186
    • Crashes with Injuries - 2,879
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 28
  • St. Johns
    • Total Crashes - 2,925
    • Crashes with Injuries - 1,236
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 35
  • Volusia
    • Total Crashes - 8,384
    • Crashes with Injuries - 3,697
    • Crashes with Fatalities - 80

* All statistics obtained from Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and FIRES (Florida's Integrated Report Exchange System)

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