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People from all over the world come to the United States to study at thousands of educational institutions.  The F1 Visa is often the appropriate vehicle for students to come study in the U.S. Spouses and minor children can come over on an F-2 visa, but may not work. 

The F1 visa holder may work in only very limited and strict circumstances.  However, there are OPT (Optional Practical Training) and CPT (Curricular Practical Training) options available that relate to the course of study.  Their are also extensions of OPT for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) subjects.

 Once inside the U.S., an F visa holder may be eligible to change status to another status if he or she qualifies under that separate status.

The general requirements of the F1 visa are:
  • must be enrolled in an academic education program.  It can't be vocational.
  • must be enrolled in an approved school
  • must comply with the restrictions on pursuing a course of study at public schools if applying to a public school.  For example, you cannot obtain an F visa to attend a  public elementary school, you have to reimburse public middle and high schools, and can't intend to remain at the school for more than a year. 
  • must be enrolled in a full course of study
  • must be proficient in English or be enrolled in English language courses
  • must have sufficient funds to support oneself through the entire program
  • must attend the specified school
  • must maintain a residence abroad and intend to leave the United States

Violation of the terms of the F visa can result in a 5 year bar from reentry to the U.S.

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