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Shorstein, Lasnetski, & Gihon focuses on deportation defense.  Many people believe that if a person is inside the United States without legal status (without papers), they will be automatically deported.  This simply is not true.  Most people regardless of how they entered the United States, are entitled to appear before an Immigration Judge.  Many people may be entitled to relief, like cancellation of removal, withholding of removal, convention against torture, asylum, or waivers for criminal grounds of removal

Many people who are in deportation proceedings are entitled to a bond.  We can file bond memorandums with ICE agents and file motions for bond redetermination with an immigration judge to seek a bond in deportation proceedings. 

With the addition of a former ICE prosecutor John Gihon, our firm is in a unique position to offer services from a former government immigration attorney and services from an immigration attorney who has defended immigrants for many years, Jeremy Lasnetski.  Both John Gihon and Jeremy Lasnetski have spent many years training other attorneys on immigration law and many hours inside the immigration courtroom. 

With offices in Jacksonville near the Baker Correctional Institution and Orlando near the Immigration Court, we can limit travel costs, which reduces your fees.

One of the fastest growing areas of immigration law is the removal of immigrants from the United States because of prior criminal convictions.  Some have referred to this blending of criminal law and immigration as Crimmigration.  As a firm that focuses on both criminal law and immigration, we can help you with either or both your criminal and immigration needs.  Whether you have concerns about your immigration status because of a criminal investigation, charge, or conviction, or you are in removal proceedings for any reason whatsoever, call Shorstein, Lasnetski & Gihon at 904-642-3332 (Jacksonville) or 407-228-2019 (Orlando)We can help.

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