Immigration (Jacksonville)

Jacksonville immigration lawyer Jeremy Lasnetski handles our firm's immigration cases in Jacksonville.  Attorney Lasnetski has been practicing immigration law since 2008.  He has helped countless clients in all aspects of their immigration cases, including obtaining greencards, naturalization, deportation defense, immigration bonds, U visas, VAWA cases, asylum, and more.  Attorney Lasnetski also practices criminal defense and has helped many non-citizens with criminal arrests or convictions with both their immigration cases and their criminal cases.  

USCIS Benefits Cases (I-130, Greencards, Naturalization and more)
No matter where you live, we can help you with drafting forms, accumulating the proper evidence, drafting a cover letter, sending a packet to USCIS and taking control of the case throughout the adjudication process.  Just put everything in our hands and we'll take it from there.  Whether you are filing an I-130 petition to bring your loved one to the U.S. or for a loved on already in the U.S., filing for a greencard, filing for naturalization, or any other USCIS benefit, our Jacksonville immigration lawyer can help.  

USCIS Jacksonville
Jeremy Lasnetski often goes with clients to their interviews at the USCIS office in Jacksonville.  Part of our full service representation includes an interview preparation meeting the Mr. Lasnetski where he explains exactly what to expect at your interview.  Mr. Lasnetski will also accompany you to the USCIS interview and make sure your rights aren't violated, to take notes in case of appeal and to explain exactly what is happening should any issues arise.  

Baker County Detention Facility
Because we have offices in both Orlando and Jacksonville, we have immigration attorneys close to both the Orlando Immigration Court and the Baker County Detention Facility where many people are detained.  This convenience offers great value to clients who are in deportation proceedings and detained at the Baker County Detention Facility because they have an immigration lawyer close to the client in Jacksonville and an immigration lawyer close to the immigration court in Orlando.  

Call and schedule a consultation with Jeremy Lasnetski today at 904-642-3332. 
Client Reviews
"I had a great experience, very knowledgeable, and polite. Always responded quickly to any questions I had. Thank you for all your help.” Timothy M
"I was very pleased with you guys because you took me like family and I'm greatful.” Oluyemisi O
"You’re so helpful and friendly. I’m glad I mate you. I’m so grateful to you.Thank you so much for helping me.” Shamim C